"Evolution: A Work in Progress"

Found sofa springs, fabric encased mattress coils, fabric, paint

"Alligator Mother & Young One"

Tree bark, dried orange, oyster shells, painted leaves, plastic trees, found wood frame

Rusted metal wall panel, copper wire, found wood frame

Tree bark, wasp nest, bone, DVD player metal backing, plaster cast, pomegranate

"Pet Cage"

Ceramic foot and hand, bark, copper mesh, vintage hot dog holder,

photos on metal, coil, dried leaves, metal pole, plastic stand

Tree root, copper pipe, Indian beads, floral leaf

Mannequin, feather boa, root nest, stuffed bird, copper mesh

Detail: Face on Shovel, steel springs, plaster, copper mesh

Single strip of melaleuca bark, copper mesh, silk, butcher paper, found frame

Rusted steel pedestal, vintage vices,tree branches

​ "Bejeweled"   Peach branch, copper foil, paint

Rusted steel pedestals; weathered wood stumps and branches

Curved bark from various trees, camel wood, rust-dyed muslin thread

Mattress springs folded and flattened, pink metal dollhouse bed frame, camel wool dyed in indigo leaf 

"If Only.

Solid piece melaleuca bark, plaster stripping, found wood bar

Rusted steel pedestal, antique wrench, black walnut, copper wire

White oak bark, ceramic tile, fish line, found stretched canvas on frame

Shrub roots; metal plate and wrench; metal pedestal

Mesh, rusted strainer, bark spiral, orange peel  on pavement in alley

Lindsay Smith Art